Edge Protectors | Laminated Board Packaging | Reddi-Pac


U-BoardTM protective packaging provides superior edge protection to protect valuable merchandise from damage that can happen during transport. Its rigid u channel laminated paperboard construction eliminates any added assembly time, creating a durable and more efficient way to protect your products.
U-Board offers several customizable options to meet your individual needs and specifications.

  • Its non-abrasive, smooth surface interior can be mitered to help protect the corners of products. 
  • While the standard exterior is a white clay coat, you can choose from a variety of protective coatings that offer moisture resistance and corrosion protection. 
  • Take advantage of exposed surfaces for printing logos, instructions, and point-of-sale merchandising messages.


U-Board sizes are based on the following dimensions:

  1. Leg height –
    Available from 1-8 inches (25-203 mm)
  2. Base width –
    Available from 1-12 inches (25-305 mm)
  3. Wall Caliper –
    Available from .060-.500 (1.5-13 mm)
  4. Length –
    Available up to 53 feet (16 m)
U-Board Dimensions