Laminated Paperboard Packaging | Reddi-Crate
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Laminated Paperboard Packaging | Reddi-Crate

Use Reddi-CrateTM laminated paperboard packaging to reduce the chance of product damage that can occur during shipping and handling. An excellent replacement product for wooden crates that are shipped overseas, its preformed profiles and two end closures form a shipping container that provides superior strength and protection for almost any application.

The smooth surface and interior of Reddi-Crate is non-abrasive to products. A choice of exterior finishes is available in addition to the standard white clay coat. Treat Reddi-Crate with moisture resistant or corrosion protective coatings for added defense against damage from the elements and transport. Apply color printing to exterior surfaces to take advantage of product identification and point-of-sale merchandising opportunities. Reddi-Crate end plugs are available in wood or u-plug material to suit your application.

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Reddi-Crate sizes are based on the following dimensions:

  1. Leg height –
    Available from 1-8 inches (25-203 mm)
  2. Base width –
    Available from 1-12 inches (25-305 mm)
  3. Caliper –
    Available from .060-.500 (1.5-13 mm)
  4. Length –
    Available up to 53 feet (16 m)
Reddi-Crate laminated paperboard packaging dimensions graph

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