Qwik-Crate Paperboard Pallet Corner Guards & Edge Protectors


Qwik-CrateTM laminated paperboard packaging provides superior beam strength and crush resistance for maximum product protection. Ideal for longer packaging applications, Qwik-Crate’s patented fold-over design eliminates the need for separate end caps and provides end protection for handling and stacking. Its simple, yet durable construction makes assembly easier and faster than other packaging methods.

Qwik-Crate has an excellent surface finish that can be used for point-of-purchase displays. Its exterior is white clay coat, but other surface finishes can be accommodated, which can include protective coatings as well as color printing.


Qwik-Crate sizes are based on the following dimensions:

  1. Leg height –
    Available from 1-5 inches (25-127 mm)
  2. Base width –
    Available from 3-10 inches (76-254 mm)
  3. Caliper –
    Available from .060-.160 (1.5-4 mm)
  4. Length –
    Available up to 3-50 feet (1-15 m)
Qwik-Crate visual dimensions chart