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Perforated Angleboard

  • Uniform and random perforation placement
  • Ideal for internal packaging protection and reinforcement
  • Reduces the need to inventory multiple length boards
  • Perfect for unitization and edge protection applications
  • Convenient for irregular sized loads
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Angleboard® Pallet Frame

Pallet Frame
  • Provides a more level, uniform stacking surface
  • Protects product from strapping and shipping damage
  • Framework remains in place making it easy to apply stretch wrap or strapping
  • Unitize and improve stability of irregular palletized loads
  • Eco-friendly alternative to wood pallet tops
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  • Made from 100% recycled HDPE
  • Ideal for wet and humid environments
  • Possess the best freeze-thaw characteristics in the industry
  • Conforms to uneven box edges without compromising its structural integrity
  • Reusable
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APX Board

angleboard apx board
  • Innovative shape combines leg length for surface coverage
    with additional protection at the apex (corner).   
  • Reduces the packaging cost-per-load
  • Permits higher strap tension for tighter, more secure loads
  • Paper over wrap prevents delamination
  • Ideal for applications requiring internal reinforcement
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Inner and Outer Diameter Protectors

Inner and Outer Diameter Protectors
  • Designed specifically for the steel industry
  • Contours to the circumference of the coil
  • Moisture and rust resistance available
  • Available nationwide
  • 100% Recycled/Recyclable laminated paperboard

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