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SB Series

SB Series Edge Protectors


SB Series innovative double-wrap construction provides the optimal performance and strength for product protection, unitization, and carton reinforcement.

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SB Series edge protectors and corner posts are made of multiple plies of recycled paper laminated together, formed into a rigid right angle and encased in an outer wrap of paper.

  • Engineered with an innovative double-wrap construction

  • Optimizes performance at a lower cost than traditional laminated paper edge protection.

  • Achieve higher strap tension

  • White or Brown Outer Wrap

  • No Delamination

  • Sustainable, 100% Recycled/Recyclable

Protect corners from shipping and strapping damage, stabilize and unitize loads, protect single carton shipments. SB Series can be used for a wide range of agriculture, industrial, commercial and consumer product markets and goods. SB Series is the perfect product to fulfill a variety of shipping challenges that occur when shipping to retail stores, distribution warehouses, or direct to the consumer. Ideal for e-commerce shipments, color printing is available for product identification, instructions and branding opportunities.

Specifications, Sizes, and Dimensions

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