Formaboard™ Corner & Edge Protectors for Shipping Pallets



The Perfect Edge to Protect Your Product Line

  • Get high-strength performance
  • It's ideal in all climates
  • Reduce your packaging costs
  • It's excellent for Product I.D.
Fit for Outdoors • Exceptional Strength

Formaboard™ utilizes a unique, patented manufacturing process to heat bond polycoated plies of paper, forming them into rigid right angles of exceptional strength. Formaboard's superior strength properties enable customers to use a thinner caliper and/or shorter leg length than with a standard open-edge product without sacrificing performance.


  • Is water and moisture resistant
  • Is ideal for products that are exposed to the elements, such as humidity
  • Is made of lightweight material
  • Works well with refrigerated/frozen food where condensation is an issue
  • Has a higher strength that can lower costs through reduction in caliper
  • Can be printed on for product identification

One and two-color printing is also available for branding, product identification, and instructional purposes.

Specifications, Sizes, and Dimensions

Specifications Image

Cornerboards size is based on the following dimensions*:

  1. Leg Length A - Available from 1.375 - 3 inches (34.9 mm - 76.2 mm)
  2. Leg Length B - Available from 1.375 - 3 inches (34.9 mm - 76.2 mm)
  3. Caliper - Available from .040 - .280 inches (1.0 mm - 7.1 mm)
  4. Length - Available from 2.5 inches - 144 inches (63.5 mm - 3,657.6 mm)

*Together, Formaboard leg lengths cannot exceed 6 inches (152.4 mm).

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