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Coil Separators | Coil Spacers

REPLASTIC brand Coil Separators

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REPLASTEC brand Coil Separators are an innovative product that was engineered for convenience and safety when separating their slit metal coils when stacked and strapped to a skid.


Primarily used by ferrous and non-ferrous Slitters and Processors, REPLASTEC Coil Separators are the answer to the problem encountered using wood, pressed paper or solid HDPE separators. They eliminate moisture, dust, flaking, splintering, uneven sizing, wood sap, compression and sawing. And, our REPLASTEC separators are typically less expensive than pressed wood and solid plastic versions, and offer a better value than the basic kiln-dried wood versions. Here’s why:


  • REPLASTEC is made of an inner core of rigid plastic and an outer core of softer, flexible plastic. The softer surface allows coil edges to embed in a cushion that prevents edge damage and coil slippage, which if straps become loose, can become hazardous.


  • A single 4” or 6” long segment will support over 5,000 lbs. with only 1% compression. Pressed paper and most types of wood will severely compress under this weight, especially in humid conditions. This means no more dangerously leaning or falling stacks.


  • REPLASTEC coil separators are available in four thicknesses: 1/2”, 13/16”, 1” and 1-1/2” and are 48” long. We score each length for easy break-off to 4” or 6” segments, and can produce custom lengths if required.



REPLASTEC brand Coil Separators

REPLASTEC brand Coil Separators
REPLASTEC brand Coil Separators