ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report Certification Program Adds EcoEdge™
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ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report Certification Program Adds EcoEdge™ from Angleboard

(September 13, 2010 – Rochester, MI)

Angleboard of Lake Zurich, IL has earned the right to put the ULS logo on its EcoEdge™ protective packaging products. EcoEdge boards eliminate the need to use “master cartons” and are reusable, recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials. They also reduce material usage versus similar composite boards by 24%.

ULS Report Editor Bob Lilienfeld made the announcement, stating that, “The Angleboard products meet the definition of sustainable packaging head-on. They reduce, reuse, and recycle. We cannot think of another product that can claim to be able to do all three to this extent.”

Pat Fitzgerald, New Market Development Manager for Angleboard, added that, “For the typical retailer, much of the waste at their distribution centers is from leftover paper and plastic packaging. Through our Reclaim Recycle Reuse program, we have been able to help reduce this waste by millions of pounds annually for one retailer alone.”

For reference, The ULS Report started its certification program in April, 2009. To be considered, items must meet two requirements:

  • The product or package reduces waste or energy consumption by at least 20% when
    compared to previous versions or similar products.
  • Related marketing claims meet FTC guidelines for environmental statements.

The Sustainable Products Program is online at www.use-less-stuff.com/sustainable-products.htm. Angleboard information can be found at www.use-less-stuff.com/angleboard.htm.

The ULS Report is published monthly on the Web at www.use-less-stuff.com. Editor Bob Lilienfeld is a widely recognized authority on waste prevention, and hosts a monthly television segment, Use Less Stuff on Fox. He is also co-author of the book Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are.