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800-252-4777 - U.S. 800-252-4777 - U.S. 843-393-1330 - INT'L 1-843-393-1330 - INT'L
815-939-6192 - U.S. 815-939-6192 - U.S. 1-815-939-6192 - INT'L +1-815-939-6192 - INT'L
800-355-1135 - U.S. 800-355-1135 - U.S. 1-574-266-6933 - INT'L 1-574-266-6933 - INT'L
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Welcome to Angleboard - Sustainable Protective Product Packaging & Shipment Protection

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International Contact

135 Cornerboard Lane
Darlington, SC 29532
Phone: 843.393.1330
Fax: 843.393.4974

Manufacture Locations San Jose, Costa Rica Phoenix, AZ Bay Point, CA Denver, CO Monroe, LA Benton, AR Darlington, SC Eden, NC Salisbury, NC Newark, NJ Elizabethtown, PA Cambridge, Ontario Loveland, OH Elkhart, IN Kankakee, IL Genview, IL